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FSKTM students emerged runners-up in international competition

By Azrina Kamaruddin


SERDANG, March 15  –  A group of Second Year students of Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Software Engineering and Information System, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) emerged runners-up in an international competition - ‘The 2017 HILTI INTERNET OF THINGS COMPETITION’  (IoT).

The winners comprised of Nur Husnina Abrari, Ezzat Fahmi Mohamad Zahir, Frah Nabiha Ahmad Radzi and Nur Syafikah Mohd Yusof, who each received a participating certificate and prizes in the form of HILTI items which were presented to them at a function held by HILTI Asia IT Services Sdn Bhd at Brunsfield Oasis Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

The contesting application, entitled “Predictive Maintenance” (PdM), was supervised by the department’s lecturers, Dr. Novia Admodisastro and Dr. Saadah Hassan.

 Dr. Novia said the focus of evaluation in the contest was from the technical aspect and commercialization concept.

He said that eight groups made it to the finals, out of 57 participating teams from all over the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Saadah Hassan said this was the first time that students from Software Engineering and Information System Department students made a debut in the international foray.

“The competition is like a platform for them to put into practice what they have learned in classroom and as an innovative approach and coding as they were able to form an application with IoT characterization,” she said.

She expressed her hope that the success will spur other students in line with the on-going efforts by the Department of Software Engineering and Information Technology, UPM, to remain committed in producing innovative, creative and competitive graduates. – UPM.


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