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FPP UPM participate in Transformation Programme of the Minds of Young Generation

By: Dr. Nurzatulshima Kamarudin

TELUK INTAN, Nov 12 - A delegation from the Faculty of Educational Studies (FPP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), participated in the 'Program Transformasi Minda Anak Muda: Karnival Semarak Tani' at the Vocational College (Agriculture), Teluk Intan, here.

The delegation was led by Dr. Nurzatulshima Kamarudin and participated by Dr. Enio Kang Mohd Sufian Kang, Mrs. Nurul Norzakiah Mohd Nasir, Mr. Ajarudin Yusof, Ms. Siti Rahayu Abdul Ghafar, Ms. Ashana Saffie as well 3 alumni of Bachelor of Agricultural Science Studies (BPSP), FPP, UPM.

The participation of FPP delegation, UPM, received its support from the Malaysian Green Foundation (YaHijau) and Educational Planning and Research Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM).

The two-day programme also involved students of Agricultural Vocational College in Malaysia, government agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGO) such as KPM Divisions, Human Capital Development Foundation, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, public and private universities as well as schools.

FPP delegation, UPM, revealed the importance of the role of education in agricultural production in giving support to the farmers, stockbreeders and fishermen.

Head of the delegation, Dr. Nurzatulshima Kamarudin, said aside from financial boost, supports in terms of skills and expertise were also needed to ensure that farmers improve their agronomy practices and use modern ways in technologies and management.

"The sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills and motivation to the society are in line with the UPM's agendas in giving exposure of ideas to the carnival visitors and to widen the visibility and expertise of lecturers outside of campus," she said.

She added that as for the current needs, the integration of ideas and skills shared are immensely appropriate in giving inspirations to the visitors in achieving the country's aspirations, especially in the agricultural sector in safeguarding the national food.

She said that with an objective to spread the green sustainability aspirations in agriculture, the delegation was also able to instil awareness of the importance of innovations and sustainable agriculture in safeguarding the national food security.

She hoped that the talk, themed after green technologies in agriculture, had managed to instil awareness to the participants of the importance of elements of education in producing agricultural innovations.

In addition, the idea of innovative sustainable agriculture towards food security was the agenda in the agricultural education shared among them. FPP, UPM delegation also exhibited and made a sale on sustainable green products and promoted study programmes, particularly at FPP, UPM, and in UPM, generally.

The role of FPP, UPM in uplifting the excellence of agricultural science studies in Malaysia was also shared through participation in the programme. - UPM


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