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First ABS 4.0 hybrid programme to share squash knowledge with the community

By: Norafiqah Asri

SERDANG, Dec 12 - The Sports Secretariat of the College Representative Council, Kolej Tun Dr Ismail (KTDI), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), in collaboration with UPM Sports Centre and Squash Club, has held the fourth series of the Aktif Bersama Sifu (ABS) (Active with Sifu) programme, which was conducted in hybrid mode at the UPM squash court and broadcasted live on the KTDI’s Facebook Page.

The previous series of the ABS programme was conducted online.

Programme director of Aktif Bersama Sifu 4.0, Muhammad Nazreen, said the programme aimed at creating a collaborative network and smart partnership between athletes and the community towards introducing squash to students and the community.

"The Aktif Bersama Sifu 4.0 programme is an initiative towards ensuring that squash becomes a common sport in our country," he said.

National squash athlete, Aifa Azman, also participated in the programme as an invited athlete by sharing and inspiring the younger generation to venture into squash from young.

"It’s not too late to participate in squash even if you are in your 20s. Just start and don't give up," she said.

Programme advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Wing Fen, said the programme not only introduced squash to the community, but it also provided opportunities for UPM students to practise soft skills in information management and communication skills.

“Through this ABS 4.0 programme, we can see UPM students like Adam Agan and Hafiz Zhafri who are also national athletes, Jia Wei and Nalan as UPM squash athletes and UPM Squash Club president, Muhammad Fauzi, that they are not only great squash athletes but also have good communication skills in the public,” he said.

At the interview, Hafiz, who is also a first-year student majoring in Bachelor of Communication, expressed his pride in sharing his experience and skills in playing squash with the community in Malaysia through the hybrid programme.

“This is the first programme I participated directly at UPM after the registration here last October. I am very excited to be given the opportunity to get involved in this community programme,” he said.

The fourth series of the ABS programme had received great responses with more than 1,000 views through the Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail’s Facebook platform.

Programme participant, Muhammad Amir Zakwan, said the programme is very suitable for the community who has the desire to venture into squash.

“After watching the ABS 4.0 programme live, I can learn the basic skills of this sport. The hybrid programme method makes me feel interested in participating in this sport, and I can’t wait to try squash,” he said. - UPM

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