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Financial constraint is not a barrier for two Iban siblings to succeed

By Siti Nur Amanina Nazri 

SERDANG, Nov 19 – Two siblings from the Iban tribal society have proven that financial constraint is not a barrier to their success despite being raised by a single mother.

The eldest of five siblings, Josphiney anak Besi, aged 34, a graduate of Human Resources Development, said financial pressure forced her to postpone her studies for one semester before resuming it later.

"Every time I had to attend classes and exams, I had to go to Sibu to board an express boat. It was the only mode of transportation I had because I lived deep inside," she said. Josphiney travelled back and forth during her long distance studies.

Meanwhile, her younger brother, Edward Entalai anak Besi, aged 27, said financial barriers will not be a barrier to his success and proved it today when he was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Faculty of Science.

During his studies as a Masters student of Biodiversity Science and Natural Resources Conservation, Edward managed to name four new orchid species. He was under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rusea Go and with the professor’s help, Edward published five publications.

"I am very grateful to receive the Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation Scholarship because it has helped me greatly," said Edward, who is currently pursuing his PhD at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

The mother of the two siblings, Sawai anak Bangkong, is happy and proud of her children because they were able to graduate successfully although she could not provide enough for their studies.

“I do a lot of work to help support my children because I don't want them to give up on their studies. I often tell them to not worry about me and to keep soaring high in order to change our family’s destiny,” she said.

The two siblings were determined to graduate because they wanted to be good examples to their brothers and sisters.  They also wanted to prove that people from the rural areas can succeed and are motivated to further their studies as they believe that education is very important. - UPM

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