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Finance company-UPM planted 1,000 trees to turn campus green

By Noor EszereenJuferi
Photo by Marina Ismail

Serdang, June 21 (UPM) - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in collaboration with Scope International Malaysia, hosted a programme called Eco Day 2014 and planted 1,000 saplings symbolically to support green and environmental sustainability.

The programme with a theme "Planting for our planet' represented a strong commitment by the Standard Chartered subsidiary and the university through the corporate social responsibility and development of the culture in ensuring the future environmental sustainability.

Scope International (M) Sdn. Bhd. CEO, Mr. Kwan Chee Sun, said the programme helped to educate the community in supporting the green activities that would help increase the environmental conservation.


"Green campaign would not be successful only through activities but requires continuous efforts in making the small changes in our daily lives as well as realizing them," he said in his speech at Eco Day 2014 programme at Bukit Ekspo, UPM.

Also present at the programme, was Curriculum and Student Development Centre Director, Assoc. Prof Dr. Abdul Rashid Jamian, representing Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) UPM, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shatar Sabran.

Meanwhile, other activities including recycling challenge in which participants were required to produce a practical tool, through an obstacle course challenge in the battle, also environment trivia segment where participants were required to answer a set of questions related to the environment, including identifying the names of the trees.


A Faculty of Information Technology student, Nor Azrina Ahmad Rizan, said the programme directly exposed her on how to identify the scientific names of the trees and the types of spices aroma.

"This is my first experience to participate in such an interesting programme and I gain more knowledge on the importance of plants and the environment," she said.

Her friend, Muhammad Syafiq Farhan Boo Omar Boo, a second year student from Faculty of Education, said the programme was held creatively in educating the community, particularly UPM students to be more sensitive to the environment.

"At first I thought this programme is not as interesting and just another typical green programme with running activities, but the activities organized here are new to me and teach me how to focus on team spirit and exercises," he said.

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