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Final Semester PSP Bachelor Students hold Agro Bazaar

SERDANG, May 13 – Thirty-one Final Semester students of Bachelor of Education (Agricultural Science) from the Faculty of Educational Studies (FPP) organized a 2016 Bazaar Programme, known as the FPP Agro Bazaar.

FPP Deputy Dean, Dr. Soaib Asimiran said the annual programme by FPP was aimed at promoting and marketing agricultural products produced by FPP final year students themselves.

“This programme will help to inculcate entrepreneurship skills among the students where they can plan their respective business, promote their products as well as providing them with the experience in managing the financial flow of their business in an effective manner.

“Among the products being sold are ayam pansuh (pansuh chicken), serunding, ayam madu (honey chicken), fruit juice, cendol, marinated chicken, seedlings, mushroom, fruits and vegetabls,” he said when launching the programme.

The programme also serves as a medium to promote and sell farm produce in addition to helping the students to fulfil the subject requirements for Agro-technology Management - UPM.

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