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Father’s passing is no barrier to further studies

By: Muhammad Faris Nazrin  Mohd Nizar
Student of Bachelor of Software Engineering, FSKTM

SERDANG, Jan 10 — The death of an ailing father has driven the graduate, Azim Farhan Ngadimin, 23, to strive to achieve his dream and graduate with a Diploma in Agribusiness at the 44th Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Convocation Ceremony 2022 here.

As the youngest of four siblings, he said his father drew his last breath when he was sitting for his final examination for the first semester at the Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus (UPMKB).

Azim Farhan added that when he was entering the examination hall, he received the news from his family that his father had a heart attack and had been hospitalised at Serdang Hospital.

"Even though at that time I was devastated and restless, I continued taking the exam thinking it was important," he said.

Immediately after completing the examination for the first subject, he rushed to Serdang Hospital to visit his father, who had already gone into a coma.

He was surrounded by sadness when his father passed away 17 days later after being in a coma in the hospital. Even more heart-breaking, her mother, a full-time housewife, suffered a panic attack due to extreme grief caused by the death of her beloved husband.

Azim Farhan completed the examinations for the two remaining subjects for the first semester at the UPM Serdang campus.

As an impact of the burdens and challenges borne by Azim, his grade point average began to decline, and he began to seclude himself and even decided to quit his studies.

However, it was the thought of his late father’s wish to see him set his foot in a university, and the prayers from family members and friends had helped him pull himself together and continue his studies.

Now, he successfully graduated with a Diploma in Agribusiness with distinction, and he is continuing his second semester studies in Bachelor of Malay Language Education at UPM. His engagement in various volunteering and co-curricular activities had helped divert his attention and stopped him from hiding in his own shadow and loneliness.

He shared advice that one should prioritise studies, and if one has spare time, it should be filled with beneficial activities such as co-curricular and volunteering activities. When faced with a hurdle, one needs to know oneself and rise back.

"Life has to go on despite the many challenges we face because life is a test for us," he said. - UPM

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