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Expensive Mineral Water, Question is Why?

By: Nur Syamila Kamarul Arefin


Although there are water filters nowadays, we should also practise drinking mineral water which is full of nutrients so that the body stays healthy by increasing our nutrient content. It is common knowledge that mineral water is priced differently and can be quite expensive compared to the price of drinking water which is equivalent to a plate of budget meal.

However, why the price of mineral water can be quite expensive compared to others. This is especially the case for very expensive mineral water brands which are classified as ‘water from heaven’.


Question is, why is mineral water expensive?

Mineral water is groundwater that has been certified safe to drink and then filtered and bottled with sources, and most importantly, mineral water is rich in calcium and magnesium. In Malaysia, all manufacturers have a license to bottle mineral water and are subject to the conditions set by the Ministry of Health under the Food Act 1983 and the Food Regulations 1985.

Also, mineral water can be distinguished from regular drinking water by observing the coloured bottle caps, as the white-coloured caps are specified only for drinking water. This water contains several natural minerals from the soil, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, sulphate, bicarbonate, iron and zinc.

Calcium ensures strong bones, good heart circulation and helps to lose weight. It is a natural source of water that aims not only to quench thirst but also helps your body become healthy.

Bone health should be of importance regardless of age by taking calcium other than milk, as mineral water can also be taken regularly to strengthen the bones.

Most importantly, the mineral content in the water we drink meets the standards set by the Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, as stated in the "drinking water quality standard".


Silica in mineral water

It turns out that mineral water contains high amounts of silica. According to a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Shaharuddin Mohd Sham, silica or its other name, silicon dioxide (SiO2), is a natural substance that exists in soils formed from silicon and oxygen.

In mineral water, silica can exist naturally in very little or no amounts at all, depending on the type of rock that exists from which the mineral water is taken. A study states that silica intake helps in bone health when taken with vitamin D and calcium supplements. The study states that mineral water containing silica supplies substances which can easily be absorbed by the body (Li et al., 2010).

In regard to dementia, a study conducted on patients aged 65 and over in the south of France showed a reduced risk of the disease when silica intake was increased by 10 mg per day (Rondeau et al., 2009). Mineral water intake can be practised by the whole family because it replaces minerals due to strenuous activities such as exercise and so on. Perhaps the ones to watch out for are those with health problems and low exposure to certain minerals.

Therefore, it is clear that the intake of plain or mineral water in daily life is very important for health. Practise drinking it so that you will always stay healthy. - UPM

Date of Input: 15/06/2022 | Updated: 15/06/2022 | hairul_nizam


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