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Driver for UPM Security Director attains Diploma

By: Nurul Ezzaty Mohd Azhari

SERDANG, Mar 19 – “Thank you, UPM, for providing a study opportunity for its staff, and this diploma is not for my career but for me to give back to the campus community”, he said.

These were the words uttered by the graduate of Diploma in Youth Development Work, Faculty of Educational Studies (FPP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Mohd Azlan Mohmed Abraur.

Mohd Azlan, who has served for seven years as the driver for UPM Security Director, expressed his gratitude that his dream of attaining a diploma was finally realised.

“As a driver for UPM Security Director, I had to manage my time well between classes and the Director’s travel schedule,” he said.

He often served as the security officer for the UPM Convocation Ceremony since 15 years ago and was determined to hold a diploma or degree just like other UPM graduates.

“I have been dreaming of holding the scroll just like other graduates every time I was on duty as a convocation officer, and I have taken the initiative to search for a suitable programme for my qualification,” he added.

According to him, when attending online classes, sometimes the Director and other security officers would also attend the classes together with him in the car.

Meanwhile, his brother, Muhammad Azizul Mohmed Abraur, will also graduate from UPM with a Master’s in Educational Administration in Session 6. – UPM

Date of Input: 19/03/2022 | Updated: 04/04/2022 | hairul_nizam


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