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Do not learn for examination, but learn for knowledge’s sake

By: Faruq Irsyad Razali
Student of Bachelor of Science in Human Development

SERDANG, Jan 11— “I feel that what is important when enrolling in master and doctorate programmes is the pleasure of learning itself. Do not study just for the sake of the exam; study for the sake of knowledge itself."

These are words uttered by Dr. Mohamad Fadli Khairie, 36, who was conferred the Doctor of Public Health at the 44th Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) convocation ceremony, today.

When asked about study tips, he, a native of Sabak Bernam, Selangor, claimed that learning was made easier as he took pleasure in learning new things.

Dr. Mohamad Fadli is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FPSK) and is currently working as a public health specialist at the Ministry of Health.  According to him, one of the main challenges he faced in completing his studies was the commitment to balance time between his family, studies, and work.

“The sweetest memory I had during my studies at UPM was when I managed to answer the questions well during the Professional Exam. The panels responded by saying, “It’s a good answer”. To me it is an honour to receive recognition from the lecturers," he said.

He also advised students to keep having fun and enjoying whatever happens along their journey as students. They should “Trust the process and the final goal.”

With regard to his future plans, Dr. Mohamad Fadli said he wanted to delve into the field of health data and believed that the country would require expert analysts in that field.

"Our country is gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we cannot be complacent due to the emergence of new variants. We need to be on our guard and be prepared,” he said. - UPM

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