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Discover statistics through games

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SERDANG, 5 Ogos, 2020: Researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have developed an innovation to learn statistics through the ‘Stats-Trek’ game, which is an effective teaching and learning technique for children as well as university students.

The Stats-Trek’ is analogous to the ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game and uses dice as well, but it is modified meaningfully to focus on statistics. This innovative game helps the players to improve and strengthen their basic statistical knowledge.


Through the game, it also brings fun and satisfaction in the teaching and learning sessions.

The innovation was designed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Bakri Adam from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, UPM along with his student, Muhammad Ajwad Fadil.

Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Bakri Adam

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Bakri said the 'Stats-Trek' is an exploration game of statistical knowledge to provide a better basic understanding of statistics to first year students at all universities.

He added that the game is suitable for any subject of introduction to statistics, and it is not limited to UPM’s MTH3003 or MTH3401 subjects.

The game consists of 100 steps that each player must go through and obstacles to be overcome before gaining victory.

The obstacles contain questions that are found at 20 sites. At each site, there will be five problem statements written on a card based on the subject on Probability Statistics 1. If the player is unsuccessful to answer the given question, the player will not be able to move forward.



"This innovation is one eureka of educational games that can be used as teaching material by teachers.

"It is very unique and is beneficial to students as it is a game that strengthens statistical knowledge that is still not found in the market," he said.

The innovation was produced in 2018 and has been copyrighted. - UPM


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