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Disability becomes strength for Mohammad Izzamuddin to pursue his studies

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi

SERDANG, Jan 11 – A disability is not a barrier for Mohammad Izzamuddin Azuddin, 22, to graduate with a Diploma in Agriculture at the 44th UPM Convocation Ceremony 2022 here.

He lost his right leg when he was hit by a lorry that skidded in 2013 while waiting for a bus to return to his residence.

As a result of the accident, he said he had to seek treatment for a month, and when the school term started, he had to undergo rehabilitation after school hours.

Mohammad Izzamuddin said his inspiration to pursue his studies was due to the encouragement from his family and his class teacher at that time, who motivated him to not give up on life due to his disability.

“In the beginning, I almost gave up and did not want to continue studying, but due to the encouraging words from my class teacher, I was determined to be a teacher as well,” he said.

He is from Perak, and the eldest of five siblings, said he initially found it difficult to adjust to the sudden change as he was worried about the acceptance of his teachers and school friends at that time.

"Alhamdulillah, I am grateful that my teachers and school friends were very helpful, and they understood my situation and gave me the encouragement to move forward and not to give up," he said.

He also shared some words of encouragement with UPM students, urging them not to give up, study diligently, and be always grateful for what we have.

"For example, even if you were an OKU and had a disability, do consider it as a blessing because other people might not possibly feel what we feel, but that is what strengthens us," he said.

He is currently pursuing his studies in Bachelor of Education (Agricultural Science) at the Faculty of Educational Studies (FPP). - UPM

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