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Cousberry wins the competition in Student Menu Innovation Day 2018

By: Faiz Hamzah


SERDANG, Dec 5 - The Cousberry group Pte Ltd consisting of students from the Bachelor of Science and Food Service Management, Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) won the competition in Student Menu Innovation Day 2018 with their product, Couscous Nasi Lemak.


The group received a hamper and RM500 cash.

The group leader, Ahmad Fadhlan Ahmad Fauzi, said that the main concept of the food is healthy eating which is line with the current trend and tasty menu.

“As we are all aware, one is not considered a Malaysian if one does not like Nasi Lemak; however, nowadays the society is more susceptible to all kinds of illnesses.”

“Thus, healthy food choices should be introduced in the market to help us stay healthy together in terms of making food choices,” he said.


He said that the group hopes to promote couscous to the Malaysian society as it contains a lot of benefits such as antioxidant and anticancer agents, while its preparation is easy, and the nutrients in it could be retained.

He added that the idea of Couscous Nasi Lemak was inspired by their lecturers, Dr Hazrina Ghazali and Dr Nurul Hanisah Juhari, while the staff of L'apprenti and their classmates also provided ideas on how to perfect the dish, Couscous Nasi Lemak.

Ahmad Fadhlan said that they plan to collaborate with L'apprenti UPM to become their main agent in selling Couscous Nasi Lemak in UPM in order to build up the reputation of L'apprenti as one of the UPM products that UPM can be proud of.

Other group members include Erra Natasha Paudzi, Rozaidah Mohd Amin, Siti Sarah Mustafar and Syakirah Abdul Aziz.

Meanwhile, among the new innovative food menu created in the competition are Spinach Burrito, Homemade Golden Jackiee Sandwich, Mashed Potato Cheesy Chicken Roll, Vegan Filet Mignon with Werewolf Sauce, Black Sesame Fettuccine served with Fermented Durian Sauce, Khaw Pie Chicken Rendang, and Traditional Hand Rolled Keramaki. - UPM

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