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Corporate Communication Talk with Ahmad Izham Omar

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi

SERDANG -  Master of Corporate Communication (Distance Learning mode) students from the Faculty of Modern Language and Communication (FBMK), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organized a Corporate Communication Talk: “Making a Difference: Branding the TV/ Radio/New Media/Music Contents” with Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studio Sdn Bhd, Ahmad Izham Omar, to discuss on reforms in the branding of the mass media.

During the sharing session, Ahmad Izham pointed out that creativity and diversity of product innovation was the formula to strengthen branding not only in the field of mass media but also in multiple other disciplines.

“As an important aspect in any businesses, branding differentiates between what you have to offer with that of your competitors and it also reflects the message that ultimately will determine product differentiation.”
"I also encourage students to be involved in entrepreneurship because this area enables students to develop and come up with their own ideas and creativity, setting them afar from others with the idea that they come up with,” he said.

Themed “branding,” head of the programme, Evelyn Edmund Motig said the programme would expose Corporate Communication-majored students and other participants to the significance of having a strong brand in the mass media.

“This is in line with the changing landscape in the media which also covers the new media that has contributed immensely to the changes in the media industry.  This is an opportunity for students to exchange their ideas and opinions with others,” she said.

Her colleague, Nabiela Mansor said the programme provided new knowledge for her and her friends as well as other participants from other public universities, public and private sectors.

“I gained new spectre of knowledge about the importance of branding and the need to study new disciplines in various other areas which will make myself, nonetheless, an all-rounder and able to secure job in the industry once I graduated,” she said. – UPM.

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