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Concerned about COVID-19 issues, YOSH UPM takes initiative to distribute ‘Smile Pack’

By: Nurul Athira Mohd Affandi


SERDANG, March 20 – More than 1,600 Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students from UPM Serdang Campus and UPM Bintulu Campus have been forced to stay at their Residential Colleges following the Movement Control Order effective from March 8 to 31.

Chapter Alumni YOSH UPM, together with MyFundAction and Food For Hunger Organisation - F4H, came forward to help ease the burden of students and frontline staff at UPM by distributing 200 packs of ready-to-eat food, ‘Smile Pack’.

‘Smile Pack’ is a set meal consisting white basmati rice, beef curry pack and chicken curry pack.

The innovative ready-to-eat food pack could last up to two years without the use of preservatives. It uses a German packaging technology, a retort sterilisation process to eliminate bacteria. 

Deputy YDP of UPM Student Representative Council (MPP), and Head of COVID-19 Taskforce, Mohd Khairul Amirin, said the number of students who had to stay at residential colleges in UPM Serdang was 1,175, involving 10 colleges and UPM Guest House.

“The Student Affairs Division (BHEP), UPM and the MPP representatives are constantly striving to ensure the welfare of students at colleges is good and safe.

“This form of ready-to-eat food aid is welcomed to help staff and students to obtain food which is guaranteed clean,” he said.

President of Chapter Alumni YOSH UPM, Muhammad Azri, said Chapter YOSH took the responsibility by playing their role in helping students.

“We collaborate with MyFundAction and Food For Hunger to provide 100 ‘Smile Pack’ supplies to students, consisting white basmati rice, chicken curry and 100 packs of beef from Qurban Care For Ummah (QC4U),” he said.

He said Chapter YOSH welcomes more alumni to collaborate to ease the burden of students and staff at UPM.

Assistant Fellow of UPM Pendeta Za’ba College, Muhammad Faiz Wahid, said the help of ‘Smile Pack’ was very much needed to ensure that students could dine at any time and remain at their residential colleges.

Afiqah Saironi, a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPM, said initially both she and the Chapter YOSH UPM group were worried about stepping into UPM.


“When I see the dedication and effort from the staff on duty, including the MPP, Fellows and UPM BHEP officers, we were moved to come forward to help,” she said. – UPM