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Changing study programme twice does not discourage a graduate from achieving success

By: Faruq Irsyad Razali
Student of Bachelor of Science in Human Development

SERDANG, March 21- Despite changing her study programme twice and studying for up to seven years, it did not dampen the spirit of a Bachelor of Education (Home Science) graduate, Nor Ezrynna Ramsal Salleh, who celebrated success at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) 45th Convocation Ceremony today.

Nor Ezrynna, 28, said the experience of changing her study programme twice would never be forgotten because it was a challenging journey for her.

"Among the challenges I faced was when many of my friends have graduated earlier than me. This, to some extent, made me feel insecure, but I continued to persevere until I succeeded in becoming a teacher," she said.

Among the sweet memories after changing her study programme was her talent became noticeable, and she received praises from the Head of Department in her faculty. Apart from that, she was really proud of her success when she managed to serve as a teacher before the convocation.

The success tips shared by the graduate from Pontian, Johor, also stated that the support from her parents had encouraged her to finish her studies even though she initially wanted to quit UPM.

"Always do good to parents and prioritise them because they are the mainstay of life and God willingly, our life will be made easier," she said.

In line with her job as a teacher, Nor Ezrynna wanted to continue helping her students enhance their potential to achieve success, and her experience provided an inspiration that nothing was impossible in the pursuit of success.

"My advice to our university students is not to give up and continue to move forward despite facing many failures," she said. - UPM

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