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BSMM UPM Students host community service activities

By Dinie Najihah Din
Photo by Emanuel Lamada anak Paul Kibong


PORT DICKSON, DECEMBER 2- Students from the Malaysian Red Crescent (BSMM) Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised Tautan Budi Bersama Komuniti Port Dickson 2018, a programme aimed at promoting and providing exposure towards volunteerism among students.

The event, held at Kampung Sawah Sunggala, Port Dickson, was launched by the Coordinator of the Negeri Sembilan State Legislative Assembly (DUN), Tuan Rusli Abdullah.

Programme director, Dinie Najihah Din, said that the event aimed at enhancing and exposing students to programme management and at the same time foster their leadership skills in event organisation.

 “The programme is a medium to improve students’ soft skills as it allows them to apply the knowledge learned in class by sharing it with the community”, she said.

The Tautan Budi Bersama Komuniti Port Dickson 2018 programme consists of numerous activities such as cleaning up litter in the village, tree-planting and fishing competition for the BSMM students.

The University Health Centre also provided free health screening for the villagers of Kampung Sawah Sunggala while BSMM students gave a speech on First Aid and emergency services. Both activities received positive feedback from the villagers, especially the free health screening.

The director of the Co-Curriculum and Student Development Centre UPM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Paramasivam and the Chairman of District BSMM UPM, Dr. Fauziah Adnan, also handed out donations to the asnaf (recipients worthy of receiving a Muslim tithe) in Kampung Sawah Sunggala. - UPM

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