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Brothers awarded with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Malay Literature

By Auliyaa Putri Ulfan

Photo by Marina Ismail, Noor Azreen Awang & Mohd Hasrul Hamdan

SERDANG, Nov 4– Brothers Tuan Zuzahirudin Tuan Zulkipli and Tuan Zuzaimi shared an euphoric moment when they each received a Bachelor of Arts (Malay Literature) degree at the Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) 41st Convocation Ceremony.

Despite being in the same lectures and classes throughout their study, Tuan Zuzahirudin, 25 and Tuan Zuzaimi, 24 rarely found themselves in the same study group.

“However, we will do our revisions together. We learn, discuss and exchange notes,” said Tuan Zuzahirudin.

About competing with each other in their studies, Tuan Zuzaimi claimed that instead of competing, they supported and encouraged each other.

During the first semester of their study, their classmates were oblivious to their sibling connection. The fact was only made known to their friends in their second semester.

Both brothers are now working in the same company, and they want to focus on their respective jobs before considering the possibility of furthering their study. - UPM

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