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Blood donation leads to weight gain, a myth

By: Nur Syamila Kamarul Arefin


SERDANG, February 9 – On average, society thinks that donating blood will cause sudden weight gain and obesity, but it is considered a myth.


The reality is that many are willing to do so until some have set a record of donating blood repeatedly.

Medical Officer from Universiti Putra Malaysia Teaching Hospital (HPUPM), Dr. Mohamad Izameer Ashraf Mohd Amran, said the perception of blood donation leading to obesity needs to be eliminated because it is a myth that will cause the blood supply in Malaysia to decrease.

"This negative stigma is wrong and needs to be eliminated from the minds of many people. If this myth grows stronger, many people will refuse to donate blood in Malaysia," he said.

HPUPM had taken the initiative to run a blood donation campaign from March 9 to March 10 at the foyer of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FPSK), UPM. It was in line with the intention of HPUPM to spread awareness of blood donation to the community.

Izameer said if many do not donate blood, the amount of blood donated can only be used by those in urgent need.

"Blood donation will not lead to weight gain, but it can save three lives instead," he said.

National Blood Centre nurse, Nur Shasya Nabila Ahmad, said they gain weight due to diet and also hormones and are not caused by blood donation.


"By donating blood, it can reduce the risk of heart disease and balance the iron in the body," she said.

For a practical student in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, HPUPM, Hidayatul Naajiyah, donating blood became routine, and she had donated twice.

"A lot of people say that donating blood will make the body gain weight, but it's untrue for me because it burns calories.

"Blood donation has nothing to do with obesity. There may be individuals that eat a lot after blood donation to replace the blood donated, and after donating today, I feel glad to be able to help people who are in dire need," she said. - UPM


Blood requirements:

* 500 to 600 bags of blood a day are needed in the Klang Valley.

* 2,000 bags of blood needed nationwide.

* Blood types: A, B, AB, and O.

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