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Ang Pau festival displays cultural uniqueness to UPM students

By: Mohd Hasrul Hamdan
Photo by: Mohammad Izrul Abdul Jabar

SERDANG, April 6 – The Zhong Hua Arts Association of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organized an Ang Pau (PAP) 2016 Festival in an effort to introduce the uniqueness of the Zhong Hua arts and culture to UPM students and to foster better rapport between students of various ethnicities in the university.
UPM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) Prof. Dato’ Mohammad Shatar Sabran, in a fitting tribute for the involvement of students in the program, said the event will enable them to develop soft skills in addition to exposing them to the community’s arts and culture which formed a new area of understanding.

“Knowledge and skilled human capital are basic yet vital combinations that can be used and will benefit students in their learning process and their career in the future,” he said.

Also present at the event was Special Officer to Deputy Finance Minister, Chin Hua Yik who represented Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Chua Tee Yong.

PAP 2016 Program Director, Yee Chee Xiong expressed hope that the students will gain better understanding on the importance of the Chinese New Year Festival so that this generation-to-generation practice is not forgotten despite the fast-paced changing globalization and modernity.

“The involvement of students in this program will give them a better understanding of the celebration besides fostering closer ties among students of different background, religion and culture,” he said.

The program, themed ‘Xu Ri Sheng Hui Si Zhuo Yu, Yi Cai Fen Cheng Di Shi Yi’, carried the meaning of a change in thinking which will lead to proper execution, with excellence and success achieved in the end.

Since March 29, various interesting programmes, including cultural shows, theatres, games and exhibitions displaying Chinese cultural elements, were held in conjunction with the 11th PAP festival. – UPM.

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