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60 UPM students join Rumah Payung Community Programme

By Yasmin Dunan


KUALA PILAH – A total of 60 Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students and residents of Kampung Senaling and Kampung Bemban here have successfully executed the Rumah Payung Community Programme in the villages recently.

The programme was organised by the Tun Perak College Student Supreme Council and was held for the first time to inspire students to be constantly active in community service programmes and strengthen relationships between communities.

Programme director, Saufi Mat Yacoob, said the programme organised under the Block leaders’ union is the best medium and platform for students to gain knowledge, strengthen relationship between students and local communities, and to become a social channel to build and encourage students to cultivate spirit of leadership, identity and care for one another.

Various activities were carried out such as climbing Bukit Senaling, drawing murals at the Kemas Senaling Kindergarten, and sharing sessions on compost fertilizer, mutual aid, nursery, and Negeri Sembilan customs.

The programme has also indirectly added value to students in the aspect of communication with local communities.  


Senaling State Assembly (DUN) Coordinator, Rais Basiron, said the compost fertilizer and nursery activities provided experience to UPM students to apply knowledge gained together with the local community.

The Tun Perak College Student Supreme Council President, Shahrul Naim, said the opportunity to meet foster parents under the Rumah Payung programme gave meaningful and unforgettable memories to students as their foster parents were loving and kind.

Senaling Village Head, Shamsul Anuar Hashim, said the programme was organised by UPM students. Activities ranging from kindergarten to veteran levels were attractive to the local community.

He said the residents of Kampung Senaling and Kampung Bemban warmly welcomed the arrival of UPM students to the village as foster children.

He also said that UPM students were also aware of the variety of food and customs of Negeri Sembilan.

One of the programmes organised was coloring contest for children aged 12 and under in both villages.  - UPM

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