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» NEWS » 100 people participate in Mesra Kubur programme at Islamic Cemetery Kariah Serdang

100 people participate in Mesra Kubur programme at Islamic Cemetery Kariah Serdang

By: Norhisyam Nordin

SERDANG, 4 Okt – About 100 people have participated in a programme planting trees and cleaning the graveyard to beautify the surrounding environment of the Islamic Cemetery Kariah Serdang, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), here.


The Mesra Kubur programme (Planting Flowers) and Plogging activity to clean the graveyard was organised together with the University Islamic Centre, UPM, committee of Masjid Jamek Qaryah Serdang, Friends of UPM Mosque, University Agriculture Park (TPU), Student Representative Council (MPP), Serdang Youth Squad and Women Association Bistari Serdang.


The activity was also joined by UPM staff and students and Members Kariah Serdang.


The mini programme aims to turn the cemetery into a cemetery park by beautifying the surrounding environment with flowers and cleaning the cemetery through plogging activity.

It also indirectly helps instil positive values onto the participants about nature as well as to keep their body healthy.

Before the activity started, the activity coordinator, Norhisyam Nordin, gave a briefing on the standard operating procedure (SOP) by the National Security Council (MKN) and Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to ensure all participants adhere to the SOP.


A short briefing on planting the flowers and conducting the plogging activity was also presented to the participants.

The participants were divided into two groups to facilitate the activity. They were provided with tools which included gloves, hoes, and garbage bags for planting flowers and plogging activity.

Norhisyam said the activity has successfully achieved its goal as well as inspiring the participants to show appreciation of the land and environment.

Other than that, the avtivity was also able to strengthen the relationships between group members, UPM students and staff and the local community who brought their children along. - UPM


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