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Cross-disciplinary perspectives of high school students on the forest ecosystem of Malaysia

Two Year-11 (Classe de Seconde) classes from the French High School in Kuala Lumpur (Lycée Français de Kuala Lumpur) had to tap on their knowledge in Economic and Social Sciences, Life and Earth Sciences, and Physics-Chemistry, to better understand, with the help of Jean Marc Roda as the benevolent guru, the socio-economic issues and current geopolitics of the forest ecosystem.

Thus the LFKL hosted Jean Marc Roda, researcher at Cirad and University Putra Malaysia, as well as five of his fellow researchers and doctoral students.

To start the session, Jean-Marc Roda presented his career as a researcher to the auditorium; he also talked about several issues related to the Malaysian ecosystem, in particular the large scale cultivation of oil palm in the country. Then, during the following three hours, groups of students worked on selected themes under the supervision of Jean-Marc, his colleagues and doctoral students, as well as high school teachers from LFKL.

For two weeks, each group of students will work on a transdisciplinary theme and will be helped in their research by researchers and teachers. They will prepare an oral presentation of their subject.

On the occasion of the Earth Day, each group proposed an illustrated presentation of the theme studied in the auditorium.

This fruitful dialogue between scientist and students provides both an open window on scientific careers and a training opportunity on the multiple ways of following an evidence-based reflexion on subjects of general interest.

Well done to everyone and very special thanks to the dynamic team of LFKL teachers, Mesdames Garland and Mansouri, Mr Le Serre, and of to the LFKL Principal, Madame Reynaud.

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