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Embrace yourself in the lush green landscape in UPM. Rejuvenate your entire being in an oasis of tranquility to escape the hustle and bustle of campus life. UPM provides recreation and leisure facilities to students to help ease the stress and tension of studies and assignments.  Recharge and revive. Take a pleasant stroll along the 7 km jogging trail, take in the  panoramic view of the scenic lake and savour the fragrance of ripening fruit as you pass an orchard and hear the twitter of birds all around. Feel great; be healthy. 

Expo Hill offers a wide range of recreational activities like fishing, canoeing, telematching, and the bonus of sighting a flying fox in motion from tree to tree.  It is also an ideal spot for picnic, expo, and carnival. You could also banish that stress and have a friendly paintball war with your friends.

Horseback riding is another fascinating activity not to be missed; so get ready to saddle up! Ride’em, cowboy!

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