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UPM is one of the Public Universities (UA) categorized as Research Universities in Malaysia. In line with this status, UPM Internet access services must be provided at the best and stable level. The total Internet Broadband capacity at UPM is 10Gbps which is subscribed from a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to cover the average use of 10,000 network equipment (computers, smart phones and others) at any one time.

There are two types of Internet access in UPM: wired and wireless.


A network system based on Gigabit Ethernet technology with speeds from 100Mbps and 1000Mbps/1Gbps.

The UPM network system, better known as UPMNet, involves the main campus network that connects more than 20,000 network nodes in the Serdang and Bintulu campuses with the concept of 3 layer switching (Core, Distributed and Access). This wired network infrastructure uses Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet technology that provide speeds from 100Mbps and 1000Mbps/1Gbps to users. The connection between these switches uses UTP Cat5/6 and fiber optic throughout the Serdang and Bintulu campuses.


The wireless access network on the UPM campus uses WiFi5/6 technology

UPM provides wireless Internet access facilities in the faculty area and Student Residence College for free to staff and students. This wireless facility covers the college area known as the service name PutraHotspot and in the faculty and student focus areas around the campus as the service name PutraNet. WiFi services cover approximately 80% coverage throughout the campus. The WiFi offered uses WiFi5/6 technology with 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz frequencies and an identity verification system using UPM-ID.



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