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UPMSTEM organises ‘Arduino for Classroom’ for UAE teachers

By: Dr. Suriati Paiman


SERDANG - UPM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (UPMSTEM), IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Malaysia and MidEast Malaysia Training Sdn. Bhd, had recently organised ‘Arduino for Classroom’, an outreach program with hands-on activities for eight STEM-field teachers from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) UAE.

The collaboration program was led by UPMSTEM Coordinator, Dr Suriati Paiman and Arduino trainer, Dr Nizam Tamchek, both from Faculty of Science.

Two other lecturers from Faculty of Engineering, AP Dr. Suhaidi Shafie and Dr. Haslina Jaafar were also involved in the training.

Four modules were covered in the one-day training which includes introduction to Arduino, basic construction of hardware and software, real-time exercise and hands-on STEM project. The objectives of program was to promote and integrating STEM education in the UAE classroom activities through basic Arduino knowledge.

Dr Suriati who is also the Malaysia Association of STEM Education Teachers Advisor, said, the UAE teachers were in need of STEM hands-on activities that could associate them with the content of the STEM-related syllabus that they learn every day.

“For instance, teachers can link how light and colour work using basic Arduino spectrophotometer, a device that can tells the frequency for a certain light source,” she said.

Meanwhile Dr Haslina, who is the programme facilitator said, teachers were also inspired to apply the knowledge and skills they learned during the training to enhance UAE students’ learning by utilisation of Arduino board to create own mini projects or even for future school innovation.

IEEE CAS Chairman Suhaidi Shafie commended the fact that teachers were given the chance to witness for themselves the beauty of learning science through Electrical and Electronic Engineering in their daily life.

Dr. Ahmad Subhi Kayed Amaireh, a representative from Cambridge for Development and Consultation said, the training contents showed that learning science and other related STEM subjects could be fun and very interesting.

“More importantly, we want teachers to be able to understand STEM fields clearly, so that they could demonstrate their school project and innovation in the classroom,” he said. - UPM





Date of Input: 25/07/2018 | Updated: 25/07/2018 | hairul_nizam


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