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UPM wins gold in men’s 18m Recurve archery

By: Muhammad Al-Amin Mustafha

SERDANG, Nov 6 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) won a gold medal in the 18m Recurve Men’s Overall of UPM’s 10th Open Archery Tournament held at the UPM Sports Centre recently.

The UPM team was represented by national archer, Mohd Fareez Rosli and former national athletes, Mohd Alif Adha and Nazir Omar.

A total of 478 Malaysian athletes took part in the tournament, setting a record of sorts in the highest number of archers to have taken part in an archery championship organized in Malaysia.

The tournament is one of the annual sports agenda held consistently every year by the National Archery Association.

In addition, UPM has been appointed as the Centre of Focus for Sports Archery (KPT-UPM). Therefore, UPM is responsible in holding the tournament as one of the programme platforms in the development of sports archery in the country.

The three-day tournament saw the participation of not only local athletes but also foreign representatives from Indonesia.

The results as follows:

1) Overall Men’s 18m Recurve
Gold: UPM
Silver: ATM
Bronze: Hulu Langat

2) Overall Men’s Compound
Gold: Excella Archery
Silver: Excella Archery
Bronze: Gambang Shooter

3) Overall Women’s Recurve
Gold: Hulu Langat
Silver: Team x-5
Bronze: Hulu Langat

4) Overall Women’s Compound
Gold: Excella Archery
Silver: ATM
Bronze: Proton Archery Club


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