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UPM veterinary lecturer shares knowledge on breeding

By: Dr Nur Mahiza Md Isa


PANTAI REMIS, 31 Mar -  A veterinary lecturer from Universiti Putra malaysia (UPM) shared knowledge with ruminant farmers at a Livestock Seminar in Pantai Remis, Perak.

The programme was held in conjunction with the annual general meeting of the Northern Group Transformation Ruminant (GTR) 2018.

GTR secretary, Azhan Jamaluddin, said that his association invited UPM as they realised the importance of knowledge related to breeding, vaccination and worm control in developing the ruminant industry.

Head of the programme, who is also a parasitologist, Dr. Nur Mahiza Md Isa, said the programme received positive response from proactive farmers seeking to increase knowledge in the field of breeding.

Among the topics discussed with the farmers were ‘Boer Goat Breeding’, ‘The Importance of HS & FMD Vaccines’ and ‘Ruminant Worm Disease’.

UPM expert lifestock producer, Dr. Lokman Hakim Idris, who was present at the programme said that such programmes should also be held with breeders at other locations.

According to him, through such programmes, breeders can obtain the latest information on breeding, know who to refer to and learn the procedures to be followed in the event their lifestock face problems such as worms.

Veterinary genetic expert, Dr. Shahrom Salisi, said the seminar gave an opportunity to academicians and participants to exchange views and gain new knowledge.

“The programme creates community ties with academicians. Seminar participants can also communicate directly with experts and find out ways to optimise production through application of genetic knowledge in breeding,” he said. - UPM

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