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UPM to sustain commercialization of gaharu industry in Malaysia

By Muhamad Najkhan Mazlan
Photo by Mohd Hasrul Hamdan

BUKIT JALIL, Dec. 18 – The recent National Seminar and Agarwood Exhibition 2012 discussed the latest developments in the cultivation methods and stimulation of resin production for farm operators and the agarwood industry.

Chairman of the Seminar and Exhibition, Assoc. Professor, Dr. Hamami Sahri said the seminar was an excellent platform for participants to learn new methods of grading, oil processing, marketing and promotional practices for the agarwood industry in Malaysia.

“A total of 24 experts from academia, the agarwood industry, representatives of government departments, leaders of organizations, farm operators and users of the gaharu products presented papers," he said.

The seminar is a follow-up on the Agarwood Seminar and Exhibition 2010 that was held two years ago.

UPM Vice Chancellor, Dato 'Ir. Dr. Radin Umar Radin Sohadi said that the supply of agarwood which produces gaharu is dwindling and threatened with extinction especially with the increasie in demand by importing countries.

"If there are no efforts made to replant, Malaysia may cease to be an exporter of high value agarwood to the countries in the Middle East, Taiwan and Japan.

"The replanting of this species should be done to avoid extinction due to widespread and indiscriminate harvesting of agarwood.

Chairman of Landscape Malaysia, Tun Jeane Abdullah,  also presented a working paper entitled “Aquilaria Tree Resource Management, Policy, Market and Industry Promotion of Sandalwood Products and Sandalwood Innovation and Technology” at the seminar.

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