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UPM students produce Eucalyptus-based products

By: Dr. Daljit Singh

SERDANG – Students from the Fourteenth College, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture, UPM, have successfully produced hand sanitisers, hand wash liquids and eucalyptus oil from the leaf extracts of Eucalyptus planted on UPM campus.

The production originates from the college students who desired to help the public prepare essential personal care products, especially during this pandemic.

To realise the student wishes, the Fourteenth College’s Principal, Dr. Daljit Singh, sought advice and expert assistance from UPM researchers, Dr. Dzarifah Zulperi, Dr. Mohd. Hakiman Mansor, Dr. Mohd. Firdaus Anuar and Dr. Keeren Sundara Rajoo.

“The Eucalyptus extract is tremendously beneficial and can function as an insect repellent, aromatherapy and others. Apart from producing hand sanitiser and hand wash, we also produced eucalyptus oil products using natural ingredients,” he added.

There are two types of eucalyptus oil products: the mixture of eucalyptus extract with olive oil and the mixture of eucalyptus extract with palm oil, sun oil, and canola oil.

The mixture of eucalyptus extract in palm oil was the first attempt in research to obtain a suitable rate to be used as an oil applying on the body.

The production of two types of eucalyptus oil using different oils with different price value is to prepare low-cost products but have the same benefits,” he said.

Head of Fellow of the Fourteenth College, UPM, Azman Kamaruddin, said they intend to distribute the products to institutions and parties in need as a form of service to the community partaken by the Fourteenth College.

"The production is the first initiative of the Fourteenth College to encourage income generation by students as well as to teach students to be more creative and critical in the field of entrepreneurship in the future," he added. - UPM

Date of Input: 21/05/2021 | Updated: 21/05/2021 | hairul_nizam


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