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UPM students participate in a mobility programme at Al al-Bayt University, Jordan

By: Mohd Azrol Hafizi Azman 

JORDAN, Feb 13 – 17 Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students comprised of 14 students of Bachelor of Arts (Foreign Language) major in Arabic Language and three students of Master of Arts (Arabic Language) from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication (FBMK) have participated in the Putra Arabiy Mobility Programme for a month at Al al-Bayt University, Jordan recently.

Two accompanying officers of the programme were Senior Lecturer from the Department of Foreign Languages, FBMK, Dr. Nik Farhan Mustapha and Section Head from the Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment UPM, Zuhaimi Abdul Rahim.

The programme was sponsored by the Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment UPM, School of Graduate Studies UPM and Putra International Centre, UPM.

The Putra Arabiy Mobility Programme was in collaboration with Ana Arabiy company to handle the accommodation and course registration at the Arabic Language Centre for non-native Arabic student at the university.

They were invited to the Radio of the University (Izā’atu Sauti Al-Jāmi’at), Al al-Bayt University for an introductory session of the different faculties and important buildings at the university.

The Radio invited representative of the Putra Arabiy Mobility Programme to share their views on Jordan and the programme they are taking part in.

A student of Master of Arts (Arabic Language), Ahmad Syahmi Mohamed, was selected as the representative to share experiences of the delegates in terms of getting acclimatised to the weather, on the surroundings and Jordanian Arab culture, especially in the city of Mafraq.

The 15-minute interview was able to build good relationship successfully between the Radio of Al al-Bayt University and UPM mobility delegates.

The meeting was spontaneous and hosted by the radio announcer, Dr. Soleh, as the main coordinator of the Radio.

The Radio consists of academics particularly lecturers from Al al-Bayt University. The radio with the frequency of 103.5 mh.z is able to be listened by people in the city of Mafraq and some parts of Amman.

The former Malaysian Minister of Education, Dr. Maszlee Malik, used to study at the university.

UPM was also invited by the main coordinator of the Radio of University to go on air to share experiences in different topics – learning Arabic language and collaboration with the Language Centre of Al al-Bayt University, speaking practice of Arabic language outside the classroom with native Arabic students, visits to tourist spots such as Amman – the capital city, uniqueness of studying at UPM, tourist attractions in Malaysia and Jordan, as well as the social-cultural communities in Malaysia and Jordan – UPM

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