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UPM students organise Student Leadership Programme at SJKT Ladang West Country Timur

KAJANG, June 20 – Students of The Art of Argument course, Group 3, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised a Student Leadership Programme at SJKT Ladang West Country Timur, a Tamil Vernacular School located at Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang.

The objective of this programme was to expose the standard six students to the application and practice of soft skills, enabling them to cultivate the values of these soft skills in their daily lives.


The Director of the programme, Tamilaran S/O E Nagarajan, said that the standard six students were selected for this early exposure to soft skills because as teenagers, they are about to encounter challenges that would require them to think critically and with complexity.

"This programme is expected to cultivate good values ​​and the practice of soft skills in order to produce leaders who possess exceptional intellect and personalities as well as a strong sense of teamwork; thus, ensuring the success of the programme.

"Additionally, this programme provided various challenges in the form of activities that reinforced good values ​​to be applied in the daily lives of these standard six students," he said.

This leadership programme took place recently from 16 to 17 June at SJKT Ladang West Country Timur involving 27 UPM students.

He also mentioned that the programme can also unearth the students’ social skills through the collaboration of ideas and collective energy of all parties to ensure the successful implementation of the programme.

"It can also enhance the ability of school students to overcome the challenges they will face in the future," he said. - UPM

Date of Input: 26/06/2023 | Updated: 27/06/2023 | hairul_nizam


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