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» NEWS » UPM organises Universal Design Evaluation programme as preparation to build facilities for OKU

UPM organises Universal Design Evaluation programme as preparation to build facilities for OKU

SERDANG, Feb 20 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has organised an inaugural Universal Design Evaluation programme to prepare the university to build facilities that follow the specifications for persons with disabilities (OKU).

UPM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Relations), Prof. Dr. Ir. B.T. Hang Tuah Baharudin, who represented UPM Vice-Chancellor in his opening speech, said the programme is in line with the university's policy and commitment to address the needs of the disabled.

"UPM managed to get a special grant of RM1 million by applying the government's special allocation to upgrade the infrastructure of government buildings to be disabled-friendly which was announced by the government through the Budget 2022," he said.

Apart from that, UPM also received an offer of RM65,000 through the contribution of non-syariah compliant funds from the Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment (WAZAN).

Programme director, Dr. Saiful Hasley Ramli, said the evaluation outcome would be expected to improve the management, upgrading works, and construction of certain university buildings in the future to support a sustainable and inclusive campus for OKU.

In addition, the programme jointly organised with Persatuan Keluarga Autisme UPM, FRSB, Disability Services and Support Unit in the Student Affairs Division (BHEP), Development Office and Asset Management as well as UPM OKU Student Association also inculcated awareness to the university community on the importance of implementing universal design in every building at the university.

A total of 22 participants attended the programme, which included the building assessors and two moderators who are OKU, students majoring in design and architecture, engineers, architects, and experts in the field of design and architecture.  – UPM

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