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» NEWS » UPM organises the WARIS programme to care for senior citizens, learn heritage knowledge from ‘the old people’

UPM organises the WARIS programme to care for senior citizens, learn heritage knowledge from ‘the old people’

By: Nik Zaini Peei

BANGI, June 18- A credited co-curricular course, Traditional Oral Performance (QKB2109) Group 1, under the Co-Curriculum and Student Development Centre (PKPP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), has organised the ‘Warga Emas Disayangi, Lisan Tradisi Disanjungi’ (WARIS) programme, which aims to provide care for senior citizens and learn heritage knowledge from ‘the old people’.

The programme, which lasted for two days at the Pusat Jagaan dan Pendidikan Warga Emas Darul Insyirah (Darul Insyirah Senior Citizen Care and Education Centre) in Bangi, involved the participation of residents from Darul Insyirah Aisyah and Darul Insyirah Khadijah.

The Programme Director, Nur Aisyah Khairina Md Khairuddin, said the element of upholding heritage was not neglected when approaching the elderly, as ‘the old people’, who possess a wealth of experience that can guide the younger generation.

"We have conducted various activities, including the Opah Ceritalah, planting the WARIS vegetable plants, painting and decorating the main courtyard and our heritage crafts, diaper-changing CSR session for mothers, and heart-to-heart sessions," she said in a statement today.

The Facilitator of the Traditional Oral Performance course, Nik Zaini Peei, said in line with UPM's aspiration to produce knowledgeable and altruistic graduates, he hoped that this collaborative effort and initiative would continue even after the students have completed their studies.

"I hope that in the future, students will take the time to visit the senior citizens here. They should not only focus on classroom learning but also give importance to the development of soft skills," she said.

Also present were the Deputy Director (Credited Co-Curriculum) of PKPP, UPM, Dr. Hizmawati Madzin, Manager of the Darul Insyirah Senior Citizen Care and Education Centre, Haslida Hamzah and the Special Facilitator for the Culture Core of PKPP, UPM, Flora Ilyana Othman.

This programme also held a contribution presentation ceremony, the WARIS Charity Donation Ceremony, which included a cash contribution of RM 500.00 and various essential items, including vegetable seedlings from UPM's agricultural products - UPM.

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