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UPM Nasyid Group, Nahwan Nur, organizes community programme in Bali

By: Adidi Tamin

BALI, Feb 11 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Nasyid Group, Nahwan Nur, held a Kembara Bakti Tabanan Bali programme in Bali, Indonesia, to assist the Muslim community at an orphanage, Yayasan Al-Islam Hidayatullah.

Club Coordinator, Adidi Tamin said the community social service programme took on a concept “‘Bakti Budaya” (To serve is a culture) to provide assistance through group volunteers and put on a show for children at the orphanage.

“This is in line with the university’s mission to create awareness in every of its citizen on the importance of knowledge and the application of knowledge in everyday’s life and to promote good characters and cultures of Malaysia to foreign communities,” he said.

Representative of Panti Asuhan Yayasan Al-Islam Hidayatullah, Didik Khoirudin Zuhri said the orphanage located in the centre of Denpasar Bali, housed almost 900 residents, comprising orphans and the poor.

“This contribution from Nahwan Nur is of great help to us at this orphanage and we hope to continue fostering closer relationship and sharing of knowledge between UPM students and the children here,” he said.

Nahwan Nur represented UPM in presenting cash and kind to the orphanage, in the form of cash, kitab Yassin and prayer items which were handed over to representatives of the orphanage. The donations given to the orphanage were collected by group members from UPM residents, UPM alumni and individuals.


Programme Director, Muhammad Aliff Rusli who is also President of Kelab Nasyid Nahwan Nur said the programme had benefitted group members and improved their  level of civic consciousness towards the needy and poor.

“This programme has opened their eyes to the importance of universal human values to preach the teaching of Islam which we delivered in the form of nasyid music,” he said.

The five-day programme also served as a platform for UPM students and staff to experience living in foreign places, in addition to inculcating good values to help those in need and instiling civic-consciousness as well as to be grateful for what we are blessed with in life. - UPM

Date of Input: 13/03/2017 | Updated: 15/03/2017 | idah


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