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UPM, Ministry of Economy launch IPR-INTAN Centre for agricultural entrepreneurs, boosting the people’s income

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi & Nurul Ezzaty Mohd Azhari
Photo by: Noor Azreen Awang

SERDANG, July 24 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) launched the Inisiatif Pendapatan Rakyat (IPR) Usahawan Tani (IPR-INTAN) Programme Centre under the Ministry of Economy to increase the people's income through agricultural technology.

The programme launched by the Minister of Economy, Mr. Mohd Rafizi Ramli, received an allocation of RM31 million from the Ministry of Economy to develop modern agricultural infrastructure, targeting participants made up of 40 percent university graduates and 60 percent IPR and E-Kasih programme participants under the ministry.

UPM Vice Chancellor, Dato' Prof. Dr. Mohd. Roslan Sulaiman said that the initiative aimed not only to produce more capable agricultural entrepreneurs but also to increase food production within the country, especially in the agriculture and aquaculture sectors.

"The participants will have the opportunity to learn modern agricultural technology that will pave the way for them to advance the agricultural industry, help ensure food security, strengthen the national economy, and at the same time, provide Malaysians with meaningful career opportunities in the agricultural industry," he said.

He added that the initiative is in line with UPM Strategic Plan 2021-2025, which aims to position UPM as a reference centre for the development of tropical agriculture by bringing together agricultural experts to intensify agricultural development activities for the society and the community.

"This programme also introduces smart agricultural technology that will maximise agricultural, and livestock yields by utilising resources more efficiently," he said.

The programme offers places for 130 trainees to participate in technology-based agricultural training for a period of one to one and a half years. The focus of the training is on agricultural crops and the aquaculture sector.

Director of the Centre of Industry Relations and Networks (CiRNeT), Prof. Dr. Shamsul Bahri Md Tamrin, stated that the Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Industry, IPR-INTAN@UPM project will be a significant catalyst in enhancing the relationship and collaboration between the university and the agricultural industry.

"We hope that this project can assist in transforming Malaysia's agricultural sector by creating a more advanced and technologically-driven agricultural ecosystem, and IPR-INTAN@UPM can be the main reference for the agricultural industry, encompassing innovation, knowledge, and training," he said.

Meanwhile, Ummu Hani Abdul Razak, 23, a UPM graduate, said her interest in the business world motivated her to participate in this IPR programme and become a participant in the field of fertigation agriculture, despite graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

"There is available land in my village. So, I will pursue agricultural studies here starting from September 2023 to become an agricultural entrepreneur and apply the knowledge on the available land, possibly through cultivating chilli, melon, or salad crops," she said. – UPM

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