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UPM marks Labour Day with special awards for outstanding workers

By Syifarida bint Mohammed Zaki
Photos by Noor Awang Azreen

SERDANG, June 12 (UPM) - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) celebrated Labour Day here today with special awards to their best employees.

The university-level celebration was aimed at  according due recognition to  employees who had contributed towards the advancement of UPM besides fostering the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between the management and workers.

UPM Vice Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Fauzi Ramlan in his speech, said that the celebration of Labour  Day was a platform to appreciate the contribution of all working staff towards  the progress and prosperity of the country.

In conjunction with the Labour Day celebration, UPM has created the Outstanding Worker’s Award that is open to all staff who are nominated from the academic category, the management and profesional group (non-academic), the practitioners’ group apart from the award for the best responsibility centre (PTJs) and a certificate of recognition for the best environmental quality practices ( 5s).

The selection is based on criteria comprising distinction and special qualities such as being knowledgeable, innovative, creative, dedicated and motivated in accomplishing their duties.

The PTJ award takes into consideration the provision of facilities for employees, the activities undertaken to promote harmony as well as programmes for occupational health and safety

“I hope that the university staffs can improve themselves with skills, knowledge and personal attributes so that they remain relevant to the changing environment”  he said.

The three recipients of the Labour Day awards were: -

*Best Employee Award for the Academic Management and Professional category  --  Assoc. Prof Dr. Mansor Ahmad @ Ayob,  Faculty of Science;

*Best Employee Award for the Non-Academic Management and Professional category -- Yahaya bin Abu Ahmad, Director of the University Health Center;

*Best Employee Award for the Enforcement Officer -- Jaya Veeran A/L Kulandai

Each of them took home a plaque, RM1000 cash and Certificate of Appreciation.

The first place for the PTJ award was won by the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Culture and Arts Center, the second place was won by the Office of the Vice Chancellor and the third place was won by College Five.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Science managed to obtain a certificate of recognition for the best Quality Environmental Practices (5S) by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation.

In accordance with the theme of the national-level celebration, “Workers are the catalysts of National Transformation”, UPM also invited Datuk Maznah Hamidi, the chief executive officer of Securiforce Sdn Bhd, to deliver a professional discourse titled “Employees, The Catalysts of Transformation.”

Dato 'Wan Azman Wan Omar, the Registrar of UPM, was also present to lead the staff in their Labour Day pledge . -- UPM

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