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UPM launches Putra Voucher, provides laptop and data to underprivileged B40 students

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi
Photo By: Sabri Omar

SERDANG, October 9 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has successfully launched the Putra Voucher and presented aids in the form of laptops and data assistance to underprivileged B40 students at the Meeting with the Vice-Chancellor and Oath-taking ceremony by new students for the 2022/2023 session.

UPM Vice-Chancellor, YH. Dato' Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Sulaiman, said the initiative is to support students from the B40 group to continue their studies and sustain themselves while on campus.

"I hope this assistance will be a stimulant for these new students to study hard and for it to be utilised efficiently for their studies on campus to succeed in the future," he said.

The Putra Voucher is a concept of meal purchase assistance connected through a phone application to the various cafe on campus for B40 students from different years of study.

UPM also donated 100 units of laptops worth RM300, 000.00 to a hundred students from the B40 group, yielded from contributions by UPM staff through the Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment (WAZAN), UPM.

In addition, UPM contributed RM500, 000.00 worth of data assistance to 600 students from the B40 group. This contribution came from initiatives taken by the InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC), UPM, amounting to RM300, 000.00 and another RM200, 000.00 by the Student Affairs Division (BHEP), UPM.

Meanwhile, a total of 3,553 new students (1,116 male students and 2,437 female students) enrolled in the Bachelor programmes at Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) main campus for the 2022/2023 academic session today. - UPM

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