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UPM introduces related innovations for commercialization in Sarawak

By Khairul Anuar Muhamad Noh

BINTULU, Nov 18 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) researchers have come up with 10 new innovations relating to agriculture, forestry and the environment which have the potential for commercialization.

The innovations were showcased to the industries during UPM Innovation Open Day (UPMIOD) at UPM Bintulu Campus, with the cooperation of UPM Bintulu Campus’ Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food.

The promotional activity of UPMIOD held last June came in the form of a showcase or mini exposition organized by Putra Science Park (PSP) with the cooperation of the faculty or the institute involved.

This is the third time UPMIOD was held, involving the usage of agriculture technologies and veterinary medicines.

Among the innovations which have the potentials to attract the attention of industry players in Sarawak are Multiplex Assay For Detection Of Bario Rice, Methods and Materials for Eliminating Nematode Pests in Black Pepper, Method of Isolating Humic Acid, A Fertilizer Composition, An Improved Plant Treatment Agent, A Method of Producing 'Compreg' Oil Palm Wood and V-Grooving: Bamboo Flattening for Laminated Bamboo Timber Production.

Elaborating on the efforts to commercialize and promote the university’s research products, PSP Promotion and Innovative Marketing Division Deputy Director, Dr. Mohamad Fakri Zaky Jaafar said that IOD helped to promote not only commercialization of UPM technologies but also encouraged discussion face-to-face between researchers and the industry.

“IOD aims to encourage the industries to foster goodwill and cooperation with UPM researchers in terms of expertise usage, consultancy and others.

“Most of the products featured are already patented and there are several technologies  set for commercialization in a big scale,” he said.

“Our hope is that this research product exposition will bear fruits in terms of forming collaborations with the industries that can benefit the society,” he added.

Also present were Dean of Agricultural Sciences and Food Faculty Dean, Associate Prof Dr. Nur Ashikin Psyquay Abdullah, Deputy Dean (Research & Undergraduates) Dr. Shahrul Razid Sarbini and other faculty management members.


List of Innovations and Researchers:

1. Multiplex Assay For Detection Of Bario Rice Samples – Associate Prof Dr. Yiu Pang Hung

2. Methods and Materials for Eliminating nematode Pests in Black Pepper - Dr. Wong Sing King

3. Method of Isolating Humic Acid - Prof Madya Dr Osumanu Haruna Ahmed

4. A Fertilizer Composition – Associate Prof Dr Osumanu Haruna Ahmed

5. Compost Ingredient and Its Use in Crop Cultivation – Associate Prof Dr Osumanu Haruna Ahmed

6. An Improved Plant Treatment Agent – Associate Prof Dr Osumanu Haruna Ahmed

7. Engkabang - Based Nano-cosmeceutical

- An Emulsion System Derives from Engkabang Fat Esters - Prof Dr. Mahiran Basri, UPM Serdang

8. A White Pepper Decorticator – Associate Prof Dr Rosnah Shamsudin

UPM Serdang

9. A Method of Producing 'Compreg' Oil Palm Wood – Associate Prof Dr Edi Suhaimi Bakar, UPM Serdang

10. Treatment of Oil Palm Biomass by Superheated Steam for Biocomposite Production - Dr. Hidayah Ariffin, UPM Serdang

11. Perkhidmatan UPMKB (Sosial Sains) – Microfinance dan Community based project - Dr. Adrian Daud

12. UPMKB Expertise - Dr. Shahrul Razid Sarbini


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