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UPM holds invaluable New International Students Welcoming Program 2015/2016

By UPM International Division

SERDANG – Some 168 foreign students from several countries were feted to a New International Students Welcoming Programme for Semester Two 2015/2016 at the Engineering Auditorium of the Engineering Faculty, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) recently.

UPM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic And International), Prof. Datuk Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin, said learning process was vital to add value to graduates so that the latter were able to steer the country into the global arena.

“It is my hope that all international students can acquire invaluable knowledge and experience by learning about the various cultures in Malaysia and able to lead the life of a student in UPM campus,” he said when launching the SEM 2 2015/2016 New International Students Welcoming Programme (NISWP) here.

During the programme, students were briefed on the university’s system of administration, learning management and exposure to campus’ rules and regulations which were the main objectives of the programme.

The two-day programme was handled by UPM International Division, with the cooperation of 15 local students who were programme coordinators and assistants under UPM Buddy Programme.

The newbies came from Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda, Iraq, Libya, Yamen, Morocco, Pakistan, China, Djibouti, Somalia, Palestine, Iran and Egypt.

USA student, Kathryn Graze Cruz, 20, said NISWP helped her to understand the system implemented by UPM and the local culture, better.

“Among the more interesting slots are the ice-breaking handled by a lecturer of Modern Language and Communication Faculty, Rohimmir and the visit to Malacca Historical City. These events have attracted my attention to learn more about the history of Malacca as well as Malaysia,” she said.

Her friend from Hong Kong, Shirley Chu Ling Fung, 21, said she was grateful to UPM International Division for allowing new students to undergo such a programme.

“Various interesting activities have been outlined by UPM to instil positive minds before the start of lesson at the campus,” she said. – UPM.


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