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UPM CEM holds Siswapreneur Startup Biz@CEM For Budding Entrepreneurs

By: Najihah Harun

MELAKA, Feb 11 – The Centre of Entrepreneurial Development & Graduate Marketability (CEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), conducted a Siswapreneur Startup Biz@CEM course to allow students to venture into the world of doing business.

Director of CEM, Dr. Mass Hareeza Ali @ Hamid said the course was held only for  UPM students to increase their knowledge and experience in planning to explore the field of entrepreneurship as a career option upon graduation.

“We hope that UPM students will spearhead the field of business as this is one viable way to generate a good income and provide career opportunities for members of the public in the future,” he said.

UPM students who took up the course were assigned to draw up a business plan and given assignments under 'Entrepreneur Challenge' where they could do direct selling and marketing around the Historical City of Melaka.

The experience they gained in doing direct selling helped exposed them to the techniques and ways to interact with their customers courteously.

The course also channelled information on support provided by both government and non-governmental institutions in producing entrepreneurs among students of local universities.

It was held in line with the government’s aspiration to make entrepreneurship a career option for graduates upon graduation. It not only helps to reduce unemployment but also helps students to generate their own income while studying.

UPM CEM invited a number of experienced speakers-cum-entrepreneurs to motivate and boost the spirit of course participants to venture into the world of business.

Among the agencies involved in the program are the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and SME Bank. At the end of the course, 21 companies owned by participants were registered with SSM under 1 Scheme  1 Student 1 Business programme  which was launched by Prime Minister, Dato 'Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak. - UPM


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