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“This success is a gift for mom"

By: Chow Heng Yee


SERDANG, 27 Oct – Mom’s sacrifice is too big, and this success is a gift for mom, said a Bajau Kagayan ethnic graduate, Mohammad Rasdly Abdul Batin.


"My mother is my main idol,” said Mohammad Rasdly from Kampung Kobong Darat, Pulau Banggi, Sabah, who received Bachelor of Education (Home Science) at the 42nd Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) today.


The second son of eight said that the sacrifice of his mother who is from the Philippines is too big, and she has been separated from her family for over 26 years.


“My mother is my motivation for me to study hard to attain my degree,” he said.


However, both his parents were not able to attend the convocation ceremony.


After completing the Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM), Muhammad Rasdiy, placed UPM as his first choice to further his studies and had previously applied to enter UPM three times.


He expressed thanks to UPM and the Zakat Centre for assisting him in various aspects especially finance.


He also worked part-time to cover the cost of living for the four-year period that he was studying.


Muhammad Rasdly is also an active alumnus of SMK Banggi, Kudat, Sabah and wants to always serve the school to express gratitude and repay the good deeds of teachers who had sacrificed to educate him. - UPM 

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