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The desire to explore different disciplines becomes reality

By Azman Zakaria

Photo by Marina Ismail, Noor Azreen Awang & Mohd Hasrul Hamdan

SERDANG, 6 Nov - The desire to explore different disciplines becomes a reality for Clarence Billy Anak Bijug from Sarawak when he successfully obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Process and Food Engineering after having completed a diploma in fisheries.

However, he said that in the early stages of the engineering bachelor’s programme, he faced some difficulty, as it was a new field for him.

“I did struggle a bit in the beginning, but I was determined to keep going and complete my studies in the engineering programme. Thankfully I succeeded,” he said when met at the 41st Universiti Putra Malaysia Convocation Ceremony here.

His mother, Mita Jina, 54, was also present to celebrate his success.

Clarence Billy who is from Bau, Sarawak said that he had attended the Diploma in Fisheries programme at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) but for Bachelor’s degree at UPM, he chose engineering because he wanted to explore various knowledge (multi-discipline).

He said that UPM was his first choice to pursue a bachelor’s degree because UPM is one of the country’s best research universities.

He also did not face any problems living away from his family during his studies as he had been living away from them for three years when he was in UMT.

“For the time being, I intend to seek experience in work before continuing my studies at a master’s level,” he said. - UPM   




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