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The dedication of a UPM athlete to honour the country

By: Hendra Rijal


SERDANG, Oct 29 - Parents of national netball player, Siti Nor Farhana Mustafa, had been hesitant and worried that their daughter would be left behind in her studies due to her active involvement in sports.


Today, however, Siti Nor Farhana proved that she too could achieve academic success, bringing joy to her parents who were present at the 42nd Universiti Putra Malaysia Convocation Ceremony (UPM) to watch her receive the Bachelor of Physical Education today.


"We are truly grateful for the success of Siti Nor Farhana, both in academic and sports," they said.


Siti Nor Farhana, who is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Sports at the Faculty of Educational Studies, said her parents and her coaches, Choo Kon Lee and Tracy Robinson, were her inspirations.


Siti Nor Farhana helped the national netball team to win the gold medal at the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017 despite suffering from pain due to injury caused by osteoarthritis of the knee.


Her injury forced her to undergo intensive treatment, and she had to rely on medications to represent the country at the SEA Games.


"Both of my knees were injured, and at one point, I almost gave up. However, with support, particularly from coaches and team members, Alhamdulilah I bounced back, and we beat Singapore 65-41 in the final at the SEA Games," she said. - UPM

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