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Students and alumni should possess high patriotism – Tuanku Chancellor

SERDANG, 14 Okt - Students and alumni of UPM should have a high sense of patriotism towards their country, said Universiti Putra Malaysia's (UPM) Tuanku Chancellor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

"The country's sovereignty should not be mocked for instance, with attempts to change the national flag or any act that might tarnish the country's image.

"We should not take pride in being popular and yet lose sight of why we are at the  university" he said at UPM's third convocation session on the second day of the 36th Convocation Ceremony held at the Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Cultural & Arts Centre.

He named a few examples of developed countries that have high respect for their national flags and of people who were prepared to give their lives in the defence of their country. In addition, Sultan Sharafuddin expressed the hope that graduates would be able  to utilise the knowledge and skills acquired  to confidently  face their competitors and to display a high level of endurance.

“Youth should learn to make wise decisions and contribute  towards the betterment of the community.  

“I encourage graduates to further your studies to a higher degree and to grab opportunities provided by the government such as scholarships, study loans, research grants and more.

“As alumni, graduates should try to always stay in touch with and provide support to their alma mater’s efforts in maintaining its status as a research university of international repute,” he added.

At this year’s convocation, a total of 6,200 graduates received their scrolls, among them 457 PhDs, 1,895 Masters, 3,477 Bachelors and 371 Diploma recipients. Tuanku Chancellor granted Emeritus Professor awards to UPM’s four former academicians ­­- Dr. Amat Juhari Moain, Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, Dr. Abdul Rahman Md Aroff , and Dr. Rahim Md Sail.

In the fourth session, UPM’s Pro Chancellor Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Lim Ah Lek urged graduates to transform themselves into entrepreneurs as there can be more creativity and innovative ideas in efforts to reinvent economic activities founded on knowledge economy and innovation.

He expressed the hope that the  success of the graduates would foster a forward-looking spirit in their quest for knowledge and in return benefit self, family and the country.

“It is my hope that graduates will not take a passive stand within the community but instead they must think positively and beyond to further enhance the quality of life,” he said, and called  for graduates and the international alumni be on a mission to be creative and productive in their respective countries.

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