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Realising smart campus aspirations: Academician Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Syed Jalaludin

SERDANG, Oct 29 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) wishes to become a smart campus by leveraging on the increasingly radical digital technology especially in the context of teaching and learning.


Pro Chancellor of UPM, Academician Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Syed Jalaludin Syed Salim, said several efforts which emphasise relevant research for the success of the aspiration have been identified.


He said the factors included research focusing on the development of a system that supports smart campus, redesigning of learning spaces, redesigning of learning for smart campus, virtual immersive learning innovations, blended and face-to-face, transformative curriculum towards higher education 4.0 and Alternative assessments/authentic assessments that support learning at smart campus.


"As an internationally renowned university, UPM cannot afford to be left behind from taking part in the rapid development of technology, particularly the digital technology," he said in his speech at the 5th session of the 42nd UPM Convocation Ceremony at the Grand Hall of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Cultural and Arts Centre, UPM.


However, he said, although the focus is on the use of technology in teaching and learning, the role of teachers and lecturers should not be forgotten.


"No matter how good a technology is, it will not be able to replace the role of a person or a lecturer, particularly in instilling good values ​​and shaping students’ personality," he said.




He added that Malaysian universities should be sensitive towards humanitarian feedback in managing global expansion and national development, at present and in the future.


"Universities must be able to bring about changes to the society and solve the problems faced by the people and the nation. Universities must also play a role in safeguarding the welfare of the people," he said.


Therefore, universities, UPM in particular, should be an agency capable of changing the quality of life of the society, strengthening harmony in a multi-racial and multi-religious society, saving human lives and solving problems faced by the society in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.


Tan Sri Dr. Syed Jalaludin also urged graduates to continue enhancing their knowledge and skills. He hoped that graduates could use their current success  as a platform for them to contribute more significanty in shaping the society and in building a civilisation with better quality, integrity and is in sync with the environment.


He also hoped that as UPM Alumni, graduates will always support the efforts to strengthen the relationship and to form a closer ties between alumni and UPM as alumni are an important component in boosting university excellence at regional and international levels. - UPM


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