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Playing the role as a carrier agent of positive aura: Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek

SERDANG, 5 Nov - Pro Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek wished graduates to play the role as a carrier agent of positive aura in society.

He said that graduates should help the country’s leader by throwing brilliant ideas of ways to develop the country and society together.

‘Let us start change with the main agent who is ourselves. We need to change our mentality, views and perception of society in a better and positive way.

‘There is no need of money or treasure, but we can start with a smile, greeting, and sincerity and love. I am confident that positive change will take place in society, and our country will progress,’ he said during the fourth session of the 41th UPM Convocation Ceremony here.

He also added that graduates should apply knowledge and expertise obtained to help society, bring the country forward and help younger generation so that they are able to continue the pursuit of excellence that has been created by graduates.

‘Be a good example to society whenever you are. Show them that UPM graduates are not just excel in academic studies but also excel in the aspect of personality,’ he added.

Tan Sri Lim also reminded graduates to always appreciate kindness of their parents, for their encouragement and sacrifices are crucial factor in the success of graduates.

‘Inspirations given by them enable the graduates to face all the challenges, pressure, and obstacles in their studies better, maturely and successfully.

‘Their sacrifices in terms of time, energy, financial and their high level of patience are genuine sacrifice that need not be forgotten,’ he added. – UPM

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