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Part-time job is not a barrier to success

By Cheng Kai Wah


SERDANG, 29 Oct –Danial Hakim Mohammad Suhaimi, achieved two of his dreams—being a part-time model and receiving a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) degree at the 42nd Universiti Putra Malaysia Convocation Ceremony (UPM).


Daniel, 23, started his career as a model in 2016.


"At that time, my friend challenged me to join a modeling competition. I am thankful that I managed to reach Top 8.


"I divided my time carefully between my career as a part-time model and responsibilities of an undergraduate," he said.  He joined UPM in 2013 pursuing Foundation Studies for Agricultural Studies at the Centre of Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science.


He said the key to success is to be able to adapt well at different places.


He said when he was outside UPM, he had to adapt himself as a model, and while on campus, he had to carry out his responsibilities as a student.


"Students need to manage their time well with activities organised by the university, faculties, clubs and associations or colleges because this is the time students can create memories never to be forgotten after graduating later," he said. - UPM

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