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Paralyzed mom in tears witnessing daughter receiving her scroll

By zman Zakaria
Photo byMohd Hasrul Hamdan

SERDANG, Oct 24 - Paralyzed and wheelchair-bound mother, Nik Mah Nik Kob, was in tears of joy, witnessing the success of her daughter, Anis Ayuni Ismail, who received her Bachelor’s degree today.

Nik Mah, 62, was overwhelmed with the success of Anis Ayuni that she virtually broke down throughout the duration of the interview and while their photographs were being taken by our photographer.

Anis Ayuni, 22, from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, received the Bachelor of Science (BioMedical Sciences) at Universiti Putra Malaysia’s 40th Convocation ceremony, here.

“My mother is utterly lost for words, but certainly, she is very touched and happy,” she said, wiping away the tears.

Right from Year Two of her study programme, she chose not to stay at the university’s college but her sister’s house in Putrajaya so that she could help her take care of their mother.

Anis Ayuni said her mother was brought to live in her sister’s house as many of her siblings were staying in the Klang Valley, so it will be easier for them to come and visit their mother.

“Every morning before attending the lectures, I bathe my mother and prepare some foods and clothes for her. If I am free in the afternoon, I will go back to the house and take care of my mother before going back to the university.

“My mother is frail and needs to be looked after,” said the seventh of eight siblings.

Nik Mah suffered a stroke for the first time in 2009 and as she was recovering, the attack came again for the second time in 2014, causing her to be paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. She moves using the wheelchair with the aid of family members. Her husband, Ismail Jusoh, passed away due to tuberculosis in 2006 in Kota Bharu.

“I used to feel so down as I was too exhausted, having to travel to and fro everyday for the lectures. I confided in my sister and friends who continued to support me with words of advice and encouragement.

“Praise be to Allah, I was able to go through all these…what is important is time management.

“I am grateful to have received the scroll, this is a present for my mother who never fails to recite doa for me,” she said, expressing her appreciation and gratitude to UPM, her family members, lecturers and friends who were always there to give her their moral support. – UPM

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