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‘NYAWA’16 BRAIN exhibit indexes innovative combination of science and arts

By: Syazana Muhammad

SERDANG, Jan 11 – The Edu-Park Section of Putra Science Park, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), held an indexed exhibition - NYAWA’16: BRAIN – at Serdang Gallery of the Faculty of Design and Architecture, UPM.

Deputy Director of Edu-Park, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faridah Qamaruz Zaman said such an exhibition could expand and broaden the perspective of society towards an illustrative combination of science and arts that could serve as a platform in promoting research and innovation of today.

“This exhibition manages to attract visitors from all walks of life because of the exciting and interactive styles used in the display of 24 artefacts which were donated by researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines," he said.

He added that the exhibition featured plenty of brain-themed artefacts from scientific studies carried out by UPM researchers in collaboration with their Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) counterparts which were presented through contemporary art compositions.

"In terms of research for aging, UPM leads the way through the establishment of the Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing. Public awareness on diseases that commonly inflicted senior citizens such as dementia, stroke and diabetes, are emphasized in NYAWA exhibition this time around, " he said.

The exhibition, which began on October 24, is the fifth edition of the exhibition in NYAWA indexed catalogue series after the success of four previous series ((NYAWA'12: Fruit, NYAWA'13: Insect, NYAWA'14: Microbe and NYAWA'15: Bird). It is open for free to the public.

The exhibition was opened by Deputy Secretary-General (Management & Monitoring) Dr.Junaidah Lee Abdullah.

An indexed publication will be published in conjunction with NYAWA'16: BRAIN exhibition, featuring articles and photographs taken during the exhibition. It can be accessed through Virtual Library Museum Pages (VLMP), which is part of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), based in Paris, France. - UPM

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